California’s Flag and its Story

The first flags in what is now the American state of California were those of the European colonial empires of the Spanish and Russians that explored and traded there. California became part of Mexico when that country gained independence in 1821. Alta California remained a northern province of Mexico until 1846 when the short lived […]

Why Don’t Democrats Take Religion Seriously?

Many religious voters feel alienated from the Democratic party. Donald Trump overwhelmingly won Christian voters, including 81% of White Evangelicals and 60% of White Catholics. The obvious reason is that Donald Trump offered these voters more of what they wanted like overturning Roe vs. Wade and appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, but there’s something bigger […]

From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party

Once the Civil War was over, the Republican party was bitterly unpopular among white Southerners, who wanted to maintain their supremacy over former slaves. So the Democratic Party promised to limit federal government intervention on behalf of black citizens. Democrats became effectively the only political party in the South, aided by intimidation and suppression of […]

Convention Information

Welcome Delegates to the 2015 California Democrats Convention Website. is your online guide to Convention on the weekend of May 15-17 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County. Also, visit our New Delegates page if you are a new delegate or just need a refresher. 2014 was a remarkable year when California Democrats […]

Outspoken Democrats Who Voted Against Net Neutrality and Net Neutrality Consequences

Small start-ups like, (etc.) will be affected by the consequences because these are the start-ups based on revenue model which is purely decided by online internet traffic acquisition. If access to the free internet is restricted then traffic flow will gradually decrease for small media based start-ups and it’s most likely to hamper their online business. Small affiliate blogs like those who write articles & product reviews (e.g. Self Publishing Blueprint Review is a self-publishing course product review and one of many that people try to rank for online) will now have a tougher time.